The Platform

Vision TMA
Simple staff management system which integrates with Vision Mobile

Know which of your staff are onsite at all times
View current and historic attendance, planned holidays and sick days on desktop or your mobile phone

  • Quick and accessible payroll reports
  • Track holidays and days off sick
  • Vision Mobile integration shows staff performance and attendance on your mobile device
  • Missed clock in and out events can be easily added or edited with our website management portal
Clocking In

Scheduled and on request reports
to support your management team


  • Who's on site at a glance
  • Comprehensive company payroll report to view payable hours, sick and holidays days per pay period
  • Payroll report with aggregate figures for each member of staff
  • Staff on site today - scheduled for branch managers to receive at a certain time each day
  • Single staff attendance report - quickly and easily view an employee's attendance, holiday and absence statistics
  • Additional development for payroll systems exports accepted - reports for direct import into platforms such as Sage

Live Info

See who's on site now with your Vision Mobile app


Easily spot poor attendance, excessive sick days and number of holiday days taken to identify where action is required


With our NFC key fobs clocking in and out takes a matter of seconds, saving significant time for your members of staff


Important Features
for Running your Business


At a glance Attendance Statistics

See how much time your staff are spending on site, days sick and holidays taken

Performance Integration

See sales and attendance performance together with our TMA and Vision Mobile app

Ensure Staffing Requirements are Fulfilled

Know which staff are on premises at all times, helping you organise your team's daily routine more effectively.

Clock in Security

Photos taken by our devices when staff clock in or out ensure that identities can be checked if required

Reporting Suite

Quickly generate payroll reports, holidays and sick days, and see all attendance details for specific members of staff performance reviews

Report Requests Considered at no Charge

Specific payroll reports for import into Sage and other systems will be developed for free, and all requests for on demand or scheduled staffing reports are considered for no charge development



Hear what our customers have to say about their experience using Vision TMA

Carbits Limited

Vision TMA gives me peace of mind that the business is fully staffed when I'm away - and saves hours doing payroll every month

EAC Telford

Vision TMA helps me keep track of all my staff and saves us several hours each month by automating our payroll


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